Communal out-of-school educational establishment Dnepropetrovsk regional child-youth cinemacenter

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About cinema-center
Dnipropetrovsk Regional Youth Cinema Center "Vesnyanka" is out-of-the creative and educational, organizational, mass, scientific and methodical teaching institution that is working with the children by means of literature, arts and audio-visual culture, providing an education, provides a young person in need creative self-promotes individuality artistically gifted children.

Activities Cinema Center is in the following areas:

- Audiovisual culture

- Decorative Arts vzhytkove

- Theater

- Folklore and Ethnography

- Work with artistically gifted children in the fields of literature, art, music, journalism.

Cinema Center "Spring" coordinates the work of the Faculty of Philology and Arts Dnipropetrovsk branch of MAN pupils Ukraine, in cooperation with faculty of the Dnipropetrovsk National University im.Olesya Gonchar and Krivoy Rog State Pedagogical University.

Initiated by Cinema Center "Spring" in 1998 established Regional Association of creatively gifted children, which now includes 11 branches and 347 members and operates in the cinema center.

Structural units kinotsentre two creative departments.

Department audiavizualnoyi culture unites groups animation, gaming and documentary films, videodiafilmu, photo studio, kinoosvity, computer installation, alphabet feelings.

Division of the creative talent children together groups of young theater actor, puppet theater, the foundations of Acting Workshop Petrikivsky, literary studies "levshan" school young journalist, ethnography and ethnology basis, IR MAN Faculty of Philology and Arts (8 sections) STOD.

Every year in the cinema center study (full time and part-time) over 800 guys from 7 to 18 years.