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History of Duke Spring

Information on the history

In 1973, in Dnipropetrovsk-based fotokinolaboratoriyi regional stations of young technicians was organized by Ukraine's first experimental multstudiya "Vesnyanka".

The first mentors were the head teacher and laboratory M.Ya.Matus K.I.Emeretli. Was established training program for 3 years.

In the first year the children painted, sculptured, kleyily, studied by observing the world around, read a lot, made up stories, listen to music, were present at the shooting.

In the second year of studying photography basics, acquainted with Film, independently worked on the sketches.

In the third year children worked to create mutfilmiv.

The first cartoon "trumpet" and "Under the Sun" won the Grand Prix at the festival in Paris (1976).

In 1979 multstudiyi "Spring" was awarded the title People.

In 1980, opened the second Art Association, came new teachers.

The training program has been processed and submitted for approval to the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences.

At this time experimental method kodektyvu "Vesnyanki" concerned many experts from around the world.

In 1990, based on multstudiyi created Regional Youth Cinema Center "Vesnyanka", which became the nucleus multstudiya.

At its base run departments feature films and documentaries, videoanimatsiynoho movie kinoosvity, computer graphics and animation.

With 90 years multstudiya title is "The perfect team." Films created by guys, win prestigious awards at international and national festivals.

Since 1996, the structure of cinema center attached department of the art of gifted children area.

There is a need for methodological and organizational work areas: literature, painting, music, journalism, arts and vzhytkove art.